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Immune Chromogenic Reagent (Dual Staining I)

Immune chromogenic reagent (Dual Staining I) is an immunohistochemical detection kit based on two enzyme-labeled micropolymers and can detect 2 to 4 antigen targets on the same sample at the same time. It adopts the "DaulStacker™" polymer with high sensitivity and strong specificity independently developed by the Celnote American team. The kit belongs to a non-biotin detection system and is a dual-color system based on horseradish peroxidase-labeled anti-mouse polymer and alkaline phosphatase labeled anti-rabbit polymer. The Chromogen system of horseradish peroxidase is DAB showed tawny or brown, but that of alkaline phosphatase is fast red showed red color. However,during the usage of this kit, it should be paid attention to the selection of antibodies to avoid overlapping of the detected antigen targets on the tissue and inconsistent antigen repairing conditions.

Product Features

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Immune Chromogenic Reagent (Dual Staining I)

10mL; 30mL

More Info

Reagent A: Peroxidase Blocking

Reagent B: Mixed secondary antibody

Reagent C1: DAB substrate

Reagent C2: DAB buffer

Reagent D1: Fast Red Color Reagent

Reagent D2: Activator

Reagent D3: Fast Red Buffer

Reagent E: Hematoxylin


  • Reagent Features
  1. One-step immunohistochemical detection technology with non-biotin labeling; Strong specificity
  2. The secondary antibody adopts micropolymer technology to ensure high sensitivity of the reagent
  3. Containing two color rendering systems that can present multiple antigen targets in a panoramic view.
  4. Bright contrast in color; easy to identify result.
  5. Less experimental staining steps; shorter operation time than traditional staining methods


  • Staining Results

CD20-M-Brown & CD3-R-Red Tonsil

P53-M-Brown & CK20-R-Red Urothelial Carcinoma

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