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Papanicolaou Staining Kit

Papanicolaou stain is one of the most common staining methods in exfoliated cell staining. It is widely utilized in the diagnosis of exfoliated cytology including respiratory system, urinary system and female reproductive system, as well as identification of microbial infections, especially more unique in the field of cervical exfoliated cell.

Product Features

  • Staining Principle

Papanicolaou Staining Kit combines with hematoxylin, orange G, EA50 to make cytoplasm stained bright green, blue, and pink. The nucleus in the cell is composed of acidic substances, which have a strong affinity with basic dyes; on the contrary, cytoplasm, which contains basic substances and acidic dyes, has a greater affinity. Then the Papanicolaou Staining Kit takes advantage of this feature for multi-color staining on the cells. After staining, the cells can clearly show the structure of the cells to make the cytoplasm more bright, the particles more distinct, and the nuclear chromatin more clear, so it is easier to find abnormal cells.


  • Product Features
  1. Bright staining color
  2. Clear cell structure
  3. Distinct cytoplasmic particles
  4. Excellent transparency




Reagent (A) Hematoxylin stain


Reagent (B) Orange G


Reagent (C) EA50



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