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Mucicarmine Staining Kit

The mucicarmine staining kit is mainly used to display neutral mucus substances, acid mucus substances and cryptococcus neoformans especially for displaying mucus in the stomach and epithelium, mostly used clinically for the identification of epithelial cancer that secretes mucus.

Product Features

  • Staining Principle

Coccinellin, also called carmine, can form a compound with mordant aluminum and combine with the acid group of mucus to display red. The capsule of the cryptococcus neoformans is a mucus substance that can be stained red by Carmine.

  • Product Advantages

a)Bright staining color

b)No precipitates and insoluble substances in each component reagent; Great stability.

c)Hematoxylin is not affected by storage temperature. After low temperature or freezing, there is no sediment and does not affect the color of staining.



Main Composition

Mayer hematoxylin solution


carmine red stock solution

Carmine red 

tartrazine solution  


More Info

  • Staining Results : acidic mucus material is blue, neutral mucus material is red, mixed mucus material is blue-violet, and cell nuclei are light blue
  • Specifications: 3×10mL /kit, 3×20mL /kit,3×100mL /kit
  • Storage: 15-30℃
  • Shelf Life: 18 months



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