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Alcian Blue Staining Kit

Product Features

  • Application
Specification Application
pH 1.0 for staining of sulfated mucus
pH 2.5 For staining of sialic acid-containing mucus and Cryptococcus neoformans
  • Staining Principle

Alcian blue is the most specific stain showing acidic mucus substances. This cationic dye forms salt linkage with acidic groups. The different pH values of the stain liquid can be used to distinguish the mucous substance. When the pH is 1, the carboxyl group (-COOH) is not stained, and the sulfonic acid group (-SO3H) is stained. When the pH is 2.5, the carboxyl group stained well but the sulfuric acid mucus stained.


  • Product Advantages

a)Bright staining Color

b)No precipitates and insoluble substances in each component reagent; Great stability.



Main Component

Alcian Blue pH 1.0

Alcian Blue pH 1.0

Alcian blue, glacial acetic acid

Hydrochloric acid solution

Hydrochloric acid

Alcian Blue pH 2.5

Alcian Blue pH 2.5

Alcian blue, glacial acetic acid

Nuclear Fast Red

Nuclear fast red

More Info

  • Storage2-8 ℃
  • Shelf Life: 18 months


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