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About Celnovte

Celnovte Biotechnology Co., Ltd (Celnovte) is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and distribution of pathological diagnostic reagents and instruments. Celnovte has a market-leading portfolio of Immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridization. Celnovte's MicroStacker™ IHC detection system is renowned for its unsurpassed sensitivity and specificity. Celnovte's PolyStacker™ technology drastically reduces the turnaround time of frozen section IHC experiment to as short as 10mins. Celnovte's SuperISH™ RNA in-situ hybridization technology enables detection of RNA targets at the single molecular level and single cell resolution. Celnovte is also leading in its innovation of fully automated instrumentation, such as IHC stainers, H&E stainer, special stainer, cytopathology instrumentation and digital slide scanner and etc. Since their launch in 2018, Celnovte have successfully installed over 600 units of fully automated IHC stainers globally.

Founded in 2010, Celnovte is headquartered in Zhengzhou, China for reagent and instrument development and manufacturing. It also has subsidiaries in Shenzhen for instrument R&D, in Suzhou for research-use product development, and in Maryland(USA) for reagent R&D. Our facilities in China are NMPA & GMP compliant and are certified for ISO13485 and ISO9001. Nowadays, Celnovte has established an extensive domestic and international pathological network, reaching over 1500+ top hospitals in China and over 10+ countries worldwide.

Our mission is to elevate precision in cancer diagnostics and enrich patients' lives through innovative products and services. We aim to be a global leader in delivering top-quality diagnostic services by prioritizing product quality, unmatched customer satisfaction, advancing scientific innovation, and building a premier organization committed to make better, do better, and be better for our customers, employees, partners, and the patient worldwide.


Quality Certificate

Celnovte is compliant and certified for CE-IVD, ISO13485, ISO9001, Medical Device Manufacturing License, NMPA Medical Device Registration License and more.