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Elastic Fiber Staining Kit

Elastic Fibers are widely distributed in fibrous connective tissue, especially concentrated in the ligament of arcus vertebrae, vocal cords, alveolar wall, arterial wall and elastic cartilage. Therefore, elastic fibers staining is widely used in pathological diagnosis, such as tumor vein infiltration, serous membrane infiltration to diagnose early tumor infiltration. The hyperplasia disease of skin elastic fiber is often used in elastic fiber. In HE staining of the skin, elastic fibers are similar to collagen fiber and they are stained red in different shades and more difficult to distinguish them. Only by special staining of elastic fiber can support this distinguish.

Product Features

  • Staining Principle

The staining principle of elastic fiber stain (modified Gomori aldehyde fuchsin method) is that the mature aldehyde fuchsin has a strong affinity for special proteins and mucopolysaccharides containing sulfate groups, which combines well with elastic fiber. The staining solution also showed mast cell particles, lipofuscin, eosinophils, as so on.

  • Product Features

a)Bright staining; The elastic fibers are clearly separated from the surrounding background

b)No precipitates and insoluble substances in each component reagent; stable




Main Component

Solution A: potassium permanganate solution

potassium permanganated

Solution B: oxalic acid solution 

Oxalic acid

Solution C: victoria blue solution

victoria blue, resorcinol

Solution D: Van Gieson/nuclear fast red solution  

acid fuchsin/nuclear fast red

More Info

  • Staining Results : acidic mucus material is blue, neutral mucus material is red, mixed mucus material is blue-violet, and cell nuclei are light blue
  • Specifications: 4×10mL/kit, 4×20 mL/kit,4×100 mL/kit
  • Storage: 15-30℃
  • Shelf Life: 18 months




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