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Basic Fuchsin Stain Reagent Kit

Basic fuchsin stain reagent kit can be used for an alkaline phosphatase-labeled immunohistochemical detection system. When alkaline phosphatase reacts with this substrate solution, it can catalyze the substrate to produce magenta insoluble precipitates, which makes the positive expression in the tissue showed red to identify the results easily. When utilizing this staining solution, samples should be sealed in the slice with water - based mounting medium.After the slice are dried, the secondary sealing can be sealed with neutral balsam to preserve the staining results for a long time.


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Basic Fuchsin Stain Reagent Kit

10mL; 30mL

More Info

Reagent A: Basic Fuchsin Substrate

Reagent B: Activator

Reagent C: Substrate Buffer


  • Reagent Features

a)For paraffin tissue section, frozen section and cell smear

b) To be utilized alone and also for multicolor immunohistochemistry experiments

c) Easy to operate and stain fast

d) Bright staining results and clean background

f)For manual immunohistochemical staining experiments


  • Staining Results





Ki67 Tonsil

CK8/18 Bladder Cancer

CK5 Esophageal Squamous Carcinoma

S100P placenta


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