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Van Gieson Staining Kit

Product Features

  • Staining Principle

Based on the principle that acid fuchsin and picric acid have different affinity to collagen fiber and muscle fiber respectively, the collagen fiber was stained double.Collagen fibers are stained red to pink under the action of acid fuchsin, and muscle fibers combine with picric acid to stain yellow.

  • Application

Mainly used for the identification and staining of collagen fibers and muscle fibers in histocytology

  • Strong coloring ability, short dyeing time, bright colors




Main Composition

Solution A: Hematoxylin solution 


Solution B1: Van Gieson solution

Acid fuchsin

Solution B2: Van Gieson solution

Saturated picric acid

More Info

  • Staining Results : Collagen fibers are red, muscle fibers neuroglia and erythrocytes show yellow, and nucleus show blue



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