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MicroStacker™ Ultra Polymer Detection Kit


By celnovte


Immunohistochemical antibodies play a pivotal role in scientific research and clinical diagnostics, with rabbit and mouse antibodies being two common clones. Mouse antibodies are extensively utilized due to their mature development technology and strong adaptability in responding to a variety of antigens and pathogens. Rabbit antibodies play an indispensable role in clinical diagnostics and scientific research fields as well, thanks to their higher specificity, sensitivity, and ability to produce a broader range of antibody types.

The widespread application of mouse and rabbit antibodies has intensified the demand for secondary antibodies that amplify signals from both species simultaneously. In response to this, the Celnovte R&D team, based on the MicroStacker™ detection system, optimized the production process, overcoming numerous challenges and striving for perfection. They have developed the MicroStacker™ Ultra Polymer Detection system which is able to simultaneous amplify both mouse and rabbit antibodies, circumventing the traditional amplification system’s issues of differential amplification effects between mouse and rabbit, thereby ushering in a new chapter in immunohistochemical detection.

MicroStacker™ Ultra Polymer Detection system, utilizing the “micro-polymer stacking method,” is an innovation independently developed by Celnovte biotechnology R&D team. It represents a breakthrough in four core technologies: micropolymer scaffold, HRP layering, Fab’ labeling, and Conjugation chemistry, for which it has been granted a national invention patent. This innovation marks the first domestically produced micro-polymer scaffold detection system, breaking the monopoly of imported products.


Core Features

01 Technical Innovation

Utilizing a special amplifier, it’s possible to achieve simultaneous amplification of “mouse & rabbit primary antibodies,” ushering in a new era in the field of immunohistochemical detection.

02 Sensitivity and Specificity

By employing the patented MicroStacker™ technology, the polymer scaffold is further optimized, achieving an exceptional balance of sensitivity and specificity. This places it at the forefront internationally and makes it more suitable for antibody projects with weak staining.

03 Faster Staining

The use of patented MicroStacker™ technology also enhances the aggregation of enzymes and antibodies, significantly shortening the staining process and improving work efficiency.


Staining Results

MicroStacker™ Ultra Polymer Detection Kit

                                                          Available on IHC stainer with open system

MicroStacker™ Ultra Polymer Detection Kit

                                                          Staining Results Comparison

MicroStacker™ Ultra Polymer Detection Kit

                                                          Staining Results Comparison