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CNT360 Full-automatic IHC&ISH Stainer

Discover seamless efficiency in your IHC & ISH workflow with the CNT 360 full-automatic IHC & ISH stainer. This all-in-one powerhouse excels at executing multiple immuno-staining protocols on a single platform, providing unparalleled fast turnaround time and high-throughput capabilities. Elevate your laboratory's productivity with our ready-to-use reagent kits and protocols, meticulously crafted to guarantee optimal staining results. Trust CNT 360 as your one-stop solution for a comprehensive and streamlined IHC & ISH workflow, ensuring precision, speed, and top-tier staining quality.

Product Features


CNT360 Full-automatic IHC&ISH Stainer

  • High-throughput 

M1: 60 slides per run M2: 120 slides per run


  • Fast turnaround time

2.5 hrs turnaround time, powered by robotic arms and bulk liquid trains


  • Intuitive

Detachable touch-pads with remote control capability


  • Temperature Control

Constant temperature control for both slide chamber and reagent chamber


  • Flexibility in Slides and Reagent Placement

Allow loading and unloading of reagent and slides during protocol runs Allow multiple protocols to run simultaneouslyTM polymer technology ensures sensitive & specific detection


  • Multifunctional

Support IHC, ISH, mIHC and ICC protocols





General characteristics




Baking, deparaffinization, antigen retrieval, blocking, detection, counterstain, for IHC, Multiplex IHC and ISH applications.

Intuitive software interface:

Visual monitoring of reagent volume, running time, fault message.

Waste Separation:

Non-toxic deparaffiniation solution. Separate waste containers for hazardous waste (DAB waste) and non-hazardous waste. Help labs save both time and money spent on waste disposal.

Slide Capacity:

M1: 4 trays, 60 slides; M2: 8 trays, 120 slides

Turnaround Time:


Robot design:

M1: 2 main robot arms, 4 bulk liquid trains M2: 4 main robot arms, 8 bulk liquid trains

Temperature control:

The reagent chamber is maintained between 14~ 18Co
The slide chamber is maintained between 25 ~ 30o for incubation, slides can be heated up to 100o for antigen retrieval


Dispense volume:


Dispense volume can be adjusted between 100ul, 120ul, or 150ul for optimal staining results.

Reagent container capacity:

7ml and 30ml

Number of reagent container spots:

70 for M1, 140 for M2

Bulk liquid container:

4L X 6

Waste containers:

Non-hazardous, 4L X 3 harzardous, 4L X 1

Fluid probe:

Stainless steel



Environmental requirements



Operating temperature:

5Co ~ 35Co (41F ~ 95F)

Maximum heating energy output:


Dimensions (L x W x H):

1370mm x 820mm x 1600mm


400KG (M1) ; 800KG (M2)



Electrical parameters



Voltage and Mains frequency:

AC 110V/60Hz or AC 220V/50Hz

Power consumption:


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