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Helicobacter Pylori Staining Kit

Gastric helicobacter pylori is a short rod-shaped gram negative bacteria with slightly curved ends. It can be found between gastric mucosal epithelium and gastric gland mucus barrier. Gastric helicobacter pylori is related to chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer and gastric tumors. There is a close relationship. This kit uses a single-reagent methylene blue staining method to stain gastric helicobacter pylori. This method is easy to operate and can clearly show gastric helicobacter pylori.

Product Features

  • Application

For helicobacter pylori staining

  • Features

a) easy to operate

b) clear staining result

c) easy to interpret


Reagent Name

Main Composition

helicobacter pylori staining solution

methylene blue

More Info

  • Staining Results : After staining, gastric helicobacter pylori shows blue, red blood cells show green, and the background shows blue.



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