CD235a, also known as GIYCOPHORIN A blood group glycoprotein A, is A sialic acid glycoprotein located on the surface of human red blood cells and is A specific carrier of M and N blood groups.Its gene is located in chromosome 4q28-q31 and blood group protein B and blood group protein E have homologous coding gene series.Glycoprotein A is involved in the whole process of erythrogenesis.It has been reported that blood group glycoprotein A maintains high expression in each red blood cell, indicating that the red blood cell is mature.In most erythroblastic leukemias, neoplastic nucleocytes express this protein, whereas acute myeloid leukemias and acute lymphoma leukemias express little or no blood type glycoprotein A.Therefore, blood group glycoprotein A is mainly used for the auxiliary diagnosis and identification of erythroblastic leukemia.

Staining Tissue

  • As Figure shows:

Spleen tissue stained with CD235a









More Info

Clone: JC159

Source: Mouse 

Localization: Membrane 

Pretreatment: Thermal remediation

Applicable tissue: Paraffin section/Frozen section 

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