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TOP2A Gene Detection Kit for Breast Cancer

Clinical Significance:
1. TOP2A gene amplification is often accompanied by HER-2 gene amplification in patients (about 30%-50%), which accounts for 8% of all breast cancers and has a poor prognosis.
2. CEF regimen can reduce the risk of recurrence and death in breast cancer patients with TOP2A gene amplification, which is a target of anthracyclines.
3. Patients with TOP2A gene deletion have a worse prognosis and should not be treated with anthracyclines.
4. Studies have shown that the efficacy (disease-free survival and total survival) of anthracycline chemotherapy alone (AC, cyclophosphamide + doxorubicin) in patients co-expanded with HER-2 and TOP2A was comparable to that of AC+ Herceptin.
5. Population-specific screening of anthracycline drugs before administration can reduce the side effects such as cardiotoxicity and inducing secondary leukemia.



TOP2A  Deletion

TOP2A Amplification


More Info

Probe Description: TOP2A/Cep 17

Cat.No.: CF1002

Specification: 10  tests/box, 20 tests/box

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