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HER2 Gene Amplification Detection Kit

Clinical Significance:
1. Medication Guide: HER2-positive patients can choose Herceptin, lapatinib and other targeted drugs for treatment.
2. To judge breast cancer prognosis: HER2 gene amplification patient prognosis difference, disease-free survival and total survival significantly shortened.
3. Breast cancer endocrine treatment Guide: HER2 gene amplification patients are not sensitive to endocrine therapy.
4. To guide the choice of breast cancer-assisted chemotherapy drugs: HER2 gene amplification of patients with low response rate to CMF chemotherapy program, it is advisable to use yew alcohol and cyclic high-intensity chemotherapy drugs.



HER2 Normal


HER2 Amplification

More Info

Probe Description: HER2/Cep 17

Product Code: CF1001

Specification: 10 tests/box, 20 tests/box

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