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MicroStacker™ Mouse-on-Mouse Polymer Detection Kit


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The MicroStacker™ technology allows well-controlled layered stacking of F(ab’) fragments of IgG secondary antibody and peroxidase enzymes on a micro-polymer scaffold, which results in a compact polymeric structure with superior sensitivity compared to other conventional HRP polymers with bulky dextran backbones. This system avoids the use of streptavidin and biotin, and therefore eliminates non-specific staining as a result of endogenous biotin. Herein, the Mouse-on-Mouse Polymer comprises of specially engineered anti-Mouse secondary antibody to eliminate the high backgrounds caused by endogenous mouse antibodies in mouse tissues.



Product Features

Staining Procedure:

Primary antibody incubation: RT, 30-60min
Secondary antibody incubation: RT, 15min
DAB incubation: 5min


Case study

MicroStackerTM Mouse-on-Mouse

Detection polymers in comparison:

A internationally famous brand

Staining Photos:

Mouse spleen – SMA-1%-PEG:

MicroStacker™ Mouse-on-Mouse Polymer Detection Kit