Introducing CNT360-M1


By celnovte

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Fully Automatic #IHC Staining System – Pathologist’s Ultimate Assistant

In the realm of pathology, precision, reliability, and efficiency are paramount. Meet CNT360-M1, the ultimate assistant for pathologists, meticulously engineered to enhance workflow, ensure accuracy, and elevate diagnostic capabilities to unprecedented levels.

🌈Unprecedented Efficiency

Time is of the essence in pathology, and CNT360-M1 doesn’t disappoint. By dramatically reducing turnaround times (2.5 hours) and increasing throughput (60 slides per run), pathologists can expedite diagnoses without compromising on quality, making it the ultimate ally in the fight against disease.

🌈Unleashing the Power of Versatility

Gone are the days of juggling multiple instruments for different staining protocols. From IHC to #ISH#mIHC, and #ICC, CNT360-M1 offers a spectrum of staining options, allowing pathologists to explore a wide range of biomarkers and molecular targets with precision and ease. Whether characterizing protein expression, detecting nucleic acids, or studying cellular interactions, the possibilities are endless with CNT360-M1 at your disposal.

🌈Intuitive Design, Minimal Training

Pathologists lead busy lives, and learning new technologies shouldn’t be a barrier to productivity. That’s why CNT360-M1 boasts an intuitive design that minimizes training requirements, allowing pathologists to harness its full potential and focus their expertise where it matters most – on interpretation and analysis.

🌈Elevating Diagnostic Excellence

CNT360-M1’s unparalleled precision ensures that each staining procedure is executed with unwavering accuracy, empowering pathologists to make confident decisions based on reliable data, every time. Backed by rigorous quality control measures, CNT360-M1 elevates #diagnostic capabilities to new heights, delivering the highest standard of patient care, every step of the way.

In conclusion, CNT360-M1 isn’t just a piece of equipment – it’s a transformative force in pathology, redefining the role of technology as the pathologist’s indispensable partner in the pursuit of diagnostic excellence.

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