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Kappa/Lambda Probe Kit (ISH)

κ and λ are two types of light chains on immunoglobulins. The number of B cells expressing different light chains in normal lymph nodes κ:λ is about 2:1. The restricted expression of kappa or lambda shows monoclonal hyperplasia and tumor formation.

Product Features

  • Diagnosis for multiple myeloma and b-cell lymphomas such as DLBCL, MCL, CLL, SLL, MZL, BL, etc.
  • Kappa/Lambda applies to Celnovte CNT330/330 stainers for 5.5 hours, and Leica machine.
  • Higher sensitivity and specificity
  • Wide application of tissue samples, FFPE


Kappa Probe

Lambda Probe

Lymphoma Kappa/Lambda Probe Double Staining






Kappa/Lambda Probe Kit(ISH)(Manual)


Kappa/Lambda Probe Kit(ISH)(Automated)



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