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EBER/IHC Dual Staining Kit

EBER probe (ISH) can detect Epstein-Barr virus infection in situ combined with cell line marker immunofluorescence to do double labeling, and show positive cell type of virus. CD3 is commonly used to label T lymphocytes. CD20 is used to label B lymphocytes. Double staining can determine the classification and character of lymphoma at molecular and protein levels on the same section like diffuse large B cell lymphoma or anaplastic T cell lymphoma. This method can improve diagnostic accuracy.

Product Features

  • 400x Visual Field


Lymphoma EBER+CD3


Lymphoma EBER+CD20





EBER/IHC Dual Staining Kit

EBER Probe(ISH)+CD3(IHC) Dual Staining Kit

EBER Probe(ISH)+CD20(IHC) Dual Staining Kit


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