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Immune Chromogenic Reagent (Fast Red)

Immune chromogenic reagent (Fast Red) is micropolymer immunohistochemical detection kit based on alkaline phosphatase labeling. It adopts the "MicroStacker™" polymer with high sensitivity and strong specificity independently developed by the Celnote American team. The kit belongs to a non-biotin detection system. The alkaline phosphatase is fast red showed red color.
In some pathological tissue sample, the pigments that are similar to the immunohistochemical positive expression color (dark brown showed by DAB), , such as melanoma, the pigment deposition in the sample.This interferes with the interpretation of the immunohistochemical test results and is difficult to distinguish. The detection reagent kit can solve this problem well which is provided by Celnovte.

Product Features

  • Principle:




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Immune Chromogenic Reagent (Fast Red)

10mL; 30mL

More Info

Reagent A: Peroxidase Blocking

Reagent B: AP labeled secondary antibody

Reagent C1: Fast Red Color Reagent

Reagent C2: Activator

Reagent C3: Fast Red Buffer

Reagent D: Hematoxylin


  • Reagent Features

a)One-step immunohistochemical detection technology with non-biotin labeling; Strong specificity

b)Adopt micropolymer technology to ensure high sensitivity of the reagent

c)The alkaline phosphatase color system is more suitable for the detection of melanoma and other samples

d)Stable staining results


  • Staining Results

MelanA melanoma

p40 lung squamous carcinoma

CK20 colon

CD8 tonsil

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