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Fluorescent Staining Kit

Intended Use: For smear staining of acid-resistant bacteria such as mycobacterium, nocardia and leprosy bacillus.

Inspection Principle

The acid-resistant bacteria is stained with the fluorescent stain Auramine O and examined with a fluorescent microscope containing an ultraviolet light source, which will emit a shiny orange color. This method can be used for low-power microscopy and quickly identify acid-resistant bacteria.


Components Specification
250ml/bottle×4/box 500ml/bottle×4/box
Auramine O(A solution) 250ml/bottle×1 500ml/bottle×1
Hydrochloric Acid Ethanol Decoloring Agent(B Solution) 250ml/bottle×2 500ml/bottle×2
Potassium Permanganate Counterstain Solution(C Solution) 250ml/bottle×1 500ml/bottle×1

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