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ESR1 Gene Amplification Detection Probe

Clinical Significance:
1. Estrogen receptor gene (ESR1) has high amplification in some breast cancer patients. ESR1 amplification was accompanied by high protein expression, but only 2/3 of patients with high ER expression showed ESR1 amplification.
2. Patients with ERS1 amplification responded significantly to estrogen therapy (tamoxifen) monotherapy. The patient's total survival was significantly longer than that of patients with no amplification of ERS1, and the higher the amplification, the better the patient's prognosis.
3. The detection and treatment of estrogen receptor genes is more accurate and effective than the protein.
4. The ESR1 gene was also expressed in some patients with benign and precancerous breast cancer, suggesting that the amplification of the ESR1 gene may be an early event of breast cancer development.


ESR1 Normal

ESR1 Amplification

More Info

Probe Description: ESR1/Cep 6

Cat.No.: CF1006

Specification: 10 tests/box, 20 tests/box

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