CD38 is a type of II single transmembrane glycoprotein,the molecular weight of 46 kD. CD38 is an active extracellular enzyme which has ADP-ribose cyclase、Ring ADP- ribose hydrolase、NAD polysaccharide hydrolase, and the formation and hydrolysis of cADPR asa second messenger to adjust Ca2+ ions inside cells. Although the molecules of CD38 was originally called antigen of the T lymphocyte differentiation. it is widely expressed in cells and tissuesaccording to the report.This antigen of CD38 can release the benefit of the signal which works for cell growth and differentiation of lymphoid cells and bone marrow.In spit of CD38 was traced in the immature B cells and T cell line ,but in most mature dormant CD38 are not found in peripheral lymphocytes Additionally, CD 38 also exists inside the thymus cells,pre B cell, germinal center B cell , mitogen activated T cells,plasma cells of secreting Ig,monocyye , NK cells, the bone marrow red progenitor cells and myeloid cell. Moreover, CD38 antigen is not only expressed in neurofibrillary tangles but also appears in neuronal ‘peripherals and the proximal dendrites.It is the pathology index.of alzheimer's disease.

Staining Tissue

  • As Figure shows:

Lymph node tissue stained with CD38









More Info

Clone: SPC32

Source: Mouse

Localization: Membrane

Pretreatment: Thermal remediation

Applicable tissue: Paraffin section/Frozen section

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