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Bladder Cancer Detection Kit ( Package)

Clinic Significance :
1. It was divided into two reaction tests, one is detecting deletion of chromosome 3 and P16 genes, another is looking for abnormalities in chromosome 7 and 17;
2. Urine exfoliated cells were used for detection, and the patient did not need to undergo painful of cystoscopy.
3. With good sensitivity, abnormal cells can be detected earlier than conventional cell morphological detection, which can be treated earlier.
4. It is used for early diagnosis of bladder cancer and postoperative recurrence monitoring;
5. P16 is absent in a variety of tumors, including leukemia, lung cancer, melanoma


Normal Chromosome 17

Abnormal Chromosome 17

More Info

Probe Description: Cep3/ p16;Cep7/Cep17

Cat.No.: CF1020

Specification: 10 tests/box, 20 tests/box

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