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TRPS1 Immunohistochemistry primary antibody,anti-rabbit,monoclonal, EPR16171

Trichorhinophalangeal syndrome type 1 (TRPS1) as a specific gene for breast carcinoma across 31 solid tumor types. Moreover, high mRNA level of TRPS1 was found in all four subtypes of breast carcinoma including ER/PR-positive luminal A and B types, HER2-positive type, and basal-type/TNBC. We then analyzed TRPS1 expression in 479 cases of various types of breast cancer using immunochemistry staining, and found that TRPS1 and GATA3 had comparable positive expression in ER-positive (98% vs. 95%) and HER2-positive (87% vs. 88%) breast carcinomas. However, TRPS1 which was highly expressed in TNBC, was significantly higher than GATA3 expression in metaplastic (86% vs. 21%) and nonmetaplastic (86% vs. 51%) TNBC. In addition, TRPS1 expression was evaluated in 1234 cases of solid tumor from different organs. In contrast to the high expression of GATA3 in urothelial carcinoma, TRPS1 showed no or little expression in urothelial carcinomas or in other tumor types including lung adenocarcinoma, pancreatic adenocarcinoma, colon and gastric adenocarcinoma, renal cell carcinoma, melanoma, and ovarian carcinoma.

Product Feature

  • Diagnosing ER positive breast cancer (> 95%), HER2 positive breast cancer (> 90%), triple negative breast cancer (> 90%, including metaplastic and nonmetaplastic triple negative breast cancer) (Mod Pathol 2021;34:710Am J Surg Pathol 2022;46:415Hum Pathol 2022;125:97)
  • In a panel along with pancytokeratin, ER and GATA3 to diagnose metastatic carcinoma of breast origin (Hum Pathol 2022 Apr 14 [Epub ahead of print])
  • Differentiating GATA3 positive invasive breast cancer from GATA3 positive urothelial carcinoma
  • Differentiating invasive breast carcinoma from adenocarcinomas of nonbreast origin (such as adenocarcinoma from lung, GI, pancreas, etc.)
  • Differentiating triple negative breast cancer from melanoma









More Info

  • Clone: EPR16171
  • Source: Rabbit
  • Localization: Nuclei
  • Pretreatment: Thermal remediation
  • Applicable tissue: Breast Cancer

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