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PPARγ Breakapart Detection Probe

Clinic Signification:
1. PPAR translocation occurred in 35%-47% of patients with thyroid follicular carcinoma. It is found in 11% of follicular adenomas 13% of follicular variant PTC and 2% of Hurthle cell carcinoma. However, this translocation is absent from anaplastic carcinoma and benign nodular hyperplasia.
2. Thyroid tumors with PAX8/PPARγ fusion genes are prone to progression, and are considered to be specific oncogenes in the early stages of thyroid follicular carcinoma, and can be used for prognosis judgment.
3.For detecting PPARγ split gene and translocation with other genes in thyroid follicular carcinoma.


PPARγ Normal

PPARγ Breakapart

More Info

Probe Description: PPARγ

Cat.No.: CF1050

Specification: 10 tests/box, 20 tests/box

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