🎂Happy 13th Birthday to Celnovte Biotechnology🎂


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13 years ago, on this very day, Celnovte Biotechnology was founded with a steadfast commitment to enhance patient care through the innovation of engineer-qualified pathology diagnostic products.

Celnovte is proud to hold certifications including ISO13485 and ISO9001, CE mark, CFDA, and more.

Our dedicated team of experts remains ceaseless in their pursuit of advancing technology, encompassing:

🌈 Proprietary primary antibody development

🌈 Patented detection system – Microstacker™

🌈 Exceptional Fast Frozen Solutions

🌈 Fully Automated IHC stainer

🌈 Groundbreaking Cascade Amplification technology – Super-ISH™

🌈 Multiplex immunofluorescence

🌈 Multifaceted Multiplexing techniques

Our journey continues, fueled by a passion for innovation and a commitment to improving healthcare!

Happy Birthday to Celnovte Biotechnology!!!


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