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HE (Hematoxylin-Eosin) Staining Kit

HE Stain is the most widely used stain in general pathology applications to support the detection and diagnosis of diseases. HE reagents are easily to be affected by conditions such as hematoxylin oxidation and being contaminated during staining process so that not guaranteed consistency and uniformity of staining effect,then it is impossible to achieve standardization and quality control of staining. In view of this situation, Celnovte Bio-tech has launched a new product called HE Staining kit with High Definition and Infinity to effectively solve the problem of declining staining quality and provides its high-quality stain and perfect quality control schemes. This solution developments the staining capacity of the hematoxylin staining solution, enhances the staining stability, and eliminates the staining quality problems caused by the decline in the quality of the staining reagents, as well as ensuring the stability of the staining quality from the first slice to the 2500th slice. The application of HE Staining system with High Definition and Infinity is expected to achieve staining standardization and effective quality control of HE Staining.

Product Features

  • Product Functions:

    For routine staining of cell tissues of paraffin section and frozen section

  • Product Features:

HD staining—-enhance diagnostic confidence

  1. Scientific compatibility and high-quality stain
  2. Optimized design for existing stainer in market
  3. To ensure high-definition staining of samples from different tissue sources
  4. Unique design: the interaction between various components to improve the staining effect


  • Constant staining—-stable staining results
  1. To ensure consistent staining effect between different batches
  2. To guarantee that the effect of slice storage for several years is constant after staining
  3. To guarantee that the first slice has the same staining effect as the 2500th slice


  • Economical and convenient—-save costs and increase output
  1. Ready-to-use solution: all reagents in the kit are ready-to-use and easy to use
  2. Flexible Packaging: the kit can be packaged with your requirements
  3. Reduce waste: no significant drop in the liquid level after 2 weeks of use of the reagent. When the reagent is replaced, all the components in the system can be replaced at the same time.

More Info

  • Application: manual routine staining and stainer
  • Storage: 15-30℃
  • Shelf life: 12 months;The unsealed reagent is 1-2 months
  • Certificate of Registration: HZXB201400047

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