Epstein-Bar virus (LMP-1)

Epstein-barr virus (epstein-barr virus) is one of the eight known human herpes viruses, belonging to the γ PSV subfamily, and belonging to the same subfamily as human herpes virus type 8 (HHV-8). Herpesviruses have large double-stranded DNA genomes, are complex viruses, and generally encode more than 35 proteins, including enzymes involved in nucleic acid metabolism, DNA synthesis, and protein processing, in addition to viral structural proteins.These viruses have no obvious symptoms of infection during the incubation period in the host body, and the original level of infection is very low. During the incubation period, viral gene expression is limited to a small number of genes. Latent membrane protein (LMP-1) is a 60kD protein encoded by EB virus BNLF1 gene.

Product Special Description
This product is a mixture of four monoclonal antibodies, CS1, CS2, CS3 and CS4.

Staining Tissue

  • As Figure shows:

Infected tissue stained with Epstein-Bar virus









More Info

Clone: CS1/CS2/CS3/CS4 compound

Source: Mouse

Localization: Cytoplasm/Membrane

Pretreatment: Thermal remediation

Applicable tissue: Paraffin section

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