CD25(Interleukin-2 Recepter)

CD25 as antigen is an interleukin-2 receptor subunit with a molecular weight of 55KD.In the presence of mononuclear factor interleukin-1, activated T cells by antigen or mitogen rapidly synthesize and secrete interleukin-2 (il-2). Accordingly, T cell subsets express the high-affinity il-2 receptor.The proliferation of these cells enlarges the subsets of T cells that are capable of assisting, inhibiting, and cytotoxic functions.The il-2 receptor is not found only in T cells; it is reported to be expressed in htlv-transformed T cells and B cells, ebv-transformed B cells, granulocyte precursors, and oligodendrocytes.CD25 is not expressed in thymocytes, stationary T cells, inactive B cells, and nude cells.Il-2 receptor expression has been reported to be associated with inflammation and malignant lesions, lymphoma, autoimmune diseases, and allograft rejection.

Staining Tissue

  • As Figure shows:

Bone marrow tissue stained with CD25(Mouse)









More Info

Clone: 4C9

Source: Mouse

Localization: Membrane

Pretreatment: Thermal remediation

Applicable tissue: Paraffin section

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