CA19-9 (Sialyl Lewisa)

CA19-9 is an antigen - dependent matrix on the structure of Sialated Lewis sugar.Sialated Lewis plays a role in cell adhesion as a functional ligand for inducing adhesion molecule e-selectin.Ca19-9 and CA50 (cancer-related mucocin antigen) are used as serological markers for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal and pancreatic cancers.It has been reported that the expression of ca19-9 and CA50 immunohistochemistry in pancreatic cancer is related to tumor differentiation, and strong staining has been observed in well-differentiated tumors.These two markers are also expressed in many benign lesions, such as chronic pancreatitis.

Product Special Description
C124:: 5:1:4 specific and glycolipid Sialyl Lewisa reaction, and no cross reaction with LewisLewisb or other structure-related molecules.

Staining Tissue

  • As Figure shows:

Salivary gland tissue stained with CA19-9









More Info

Clone: C241:5:1:4

Source: Mouse

Localization: Cytoplasm/Membrane

Pretreatment: Thermal remediation

Applicable tissue: Paraffin section

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