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BCL6 Breakapart Detection Kit

Clinic Signification:
1.In diffuse large B NHL, the BCL6 gene can translocate with multiple genes, with an incidence rate of 20-40% and 5-15% in follicular lymphoma.
2.Burkitt's lymphoma morphologically suggests a typical age, morphology and immunophenotype. If any of these three characteristics are atypical or have a history of follicular lymphoma, accompanied by MYC breakapart and BCL2 breakapart should be diagnosed as a gray zone lymphoma between Burkitt/DLBCL.
3.This probe is used to detect whether the BCL6 gene is broken and translocated. BCL6 breakapart is an independent detection index for evaluating survival rate and recovery rate.


BCL6 Normal

BCL6 Breakapart

More Info

Probe Description: BCL6

Cat.No.: CF1297

Specification: 10 tests/box, 20 tests/box

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