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Acid-fast Staining Kit

Intended Use: For smear staining of acid-resistant bacteria such as mycobacterium, nocardia and leprosy bacillus.

Inspection Principle

The anti-acid bacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Leprosy bacilli have acid resistance due to contain more lipid substances for example Mycobacterium tuberculosis contains mycolic acid (lipids). During staining, it binds strongly with carbolfuchsin, which can resist the decolorization of acidic alcohol. At the same time, the lipids cannot penetrate the cell membrane and be decolorized, so the acid-fast bacteria can keep the color of fuchsin. On the contrary, non-acid-resistant bacteria contains less lipids and is easily decolorized by acidic alcohol. When decolorized, it easily bleed out from the cell membrane and is removed. Finally, it will be counterstained and appear blue.

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