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34βE12/P63/AMACR Detection Kit (Immunocytochemistry)

This kit is used for differential diagnosis of normal prostate, prostate intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) and prostate cancer. It adopts immunohistochemical double staining detection technology and multiple antibody combination technology. By one staining process, three target antigens can be simultaneously detected on the same prostate lesion tissue section, namely 34βE12, p63 and AMACR.

34βE12 is a high molecular weight cytokeratin expressed in the basal cells of the benign prostate acinar.

Reagent Features

a) For paraffin-embedded sections of prostatectomy and biopsy samples

b) Primary and secondary antibodies are cocktail mixed antibodies; less staining steps

c) Easy to operate, less steps, high efficiency and ecxellent stability

d) Sharp contrast for staining results; Clear background

e) For manual and automated immunohistochemical staining experiments


34βE12 & p63  Prostate Basal Cell

 AMACR Prostate Cancer Cells

Prostate sample: 34βE12 & p63 expressing basal cells, AMACR expressing cancer cells


Model Number




34βE12/P63/AMACR Detection Reagent Kit (Immunocytochemistry)

10mL; 30mL

More Info

Reagent A: Peroxidase Blocking

Reagent B: Mixed primary antibody

Reagent C: Mixed secondary antibody

Reagent D1: DAB substrate

Reagent D2: DAB buffer

Reagent E1: Fast Red Color Reagent

Reagent E2: Activator

Reagent E3: Fast Red Buffer

Reagent F: Hematoxylin


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