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1q21 and 1p36 Gene Abnormality Detection Kit

Clinical Significance:
1. 1Q21 (CKS1B) is the most common genetic abnormality in MM. CKS1B gene amplification leads to up-regulation of cell cycle and thus causes many proliferative diseases.
2. 1Q21 amplification was often associated with MM infiltration phenotype, with poor prognosis and rapid disease progression.
3. Deletion of 1P32-36 occurs in 16%MM, which leads to the loss of tumor suppressor genes and the occurrence of proliferative diseases
4. This probe can detect 1P deletion and 1Q21 regional amplification.


1P36 Segment Deletion

1q21 Segment Amplification

More Info

Probe Description: 1q21/1p36

Cat.No.: CF1308

Specification: 10 tests/box, 20 tests/box

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