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1p/19q Deletion Detection Kit

Clinic Signification:
1.Oligodendroglioma shows specific genetic changes.
2.The most common genetic alteration is the loss of heterozygosity on the long arm of chromosome 19 (19q), which the common deletion region is located at 19q13.3 with an incidence of 50% to 80%.
3.Followed by the loss of heterozygosity on the short arm (1p) of chromosome 1, the incidence rate is 40% to 92%.
4. Oligodendroglioma with loss of chromosome 1p heterozygosity or simultaneous loss of 1p/19q is sensitive to chemotherapy, but loss of chromosome 19q heterozygosity is insensitive to chemotherapy.
5. 100% of cases with loss of heterozygosity on chromosome 1p/19q are 100% sensitive to the chemotherapy of PVC (procarbazine, lomustine, vincristine), with an average survival of 10 years. But the average number of cases without such genetic changes survival is only 2 years.
6. 1p/19q loss of heterozygosity is an independent and significant prognostic impact factor, even in relapsed cases with a relatively good prognosis.


1p36 and 1q21 Normal

19q13 Deletion

More Info

Probe Description: p36/1q21;19q13/19p13

Cat.No.: CF1110

Specification: 10 tests/box, 20 tests/box

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