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Celnovte Biotechnology, as one international developing pathology company, is committed to the core values of innovation, reliability, productivity, quality, superior after-sales support and service for complete customer satisfaction. These values are represented by our company’s colors that stand for “Transcend” (green) , “Reliability” (blue) and “Economic”(navy blue). As an pathology innovation and specialization company, we develop, manufacture and market highly innovative and fully automated systems for cancer diagnosis, prognosis ans one-stop solution selection. Celnovte Biotechnology established 2000 square meters 10,000 and 100,000 class cleaning-room and 5000 square meters new production base.

To maintain our tradition of offering superior solutions for the emerging needs of your laboratory, we also offer a broad range of pathology products for IHC, ISH, multiplex and special staining of tissues including 400+ primary antibodies, molecular probes and automation IHC stainers as well as ancillaries. These are offered for standardized, reliable and consistent results to support the needs of pathology laboratories of today, tomorrow and beyond. Microstacker™ detection system redefine Chain structure to Ball structure of immunohistochemistry microploymer for the pathology laboratory as CELNOVTE intellectual property rights. Compared to any other system on the market, Microstacker™ detection systems offer a new generation of micropolymer lamination to enable greater penetration , precision and clarity of technologies for the future pathology laboratory. Celnovte Biotechnology is committed to excellence by providing high-quality products. Quality is the life of the enterprise, innovation is the motive force of the enterprise, the service is the spirit of the enterprise. We value you and your business. We want our relationship to be one of total satisfaction. Our products met ISO13485:2016 standard, ISO9001:2015 standard and CE mark approved. We unconditionally guarantee all of our products and services. I invite you to learn more about our exciting products and future development through this website.